About Us

Avaesa is for everyone, right from the curious seeker, the healer, an art lover, a beauty admirer and just about anyone. We believe if we strip off labels, statuses, position – we are all essentially one and looking for the same things. We wish to be an empowering, nurturing space where you pause, reflect, question, learn, heal and awaken your transformative powers. Meditation, Crystals, Gem jewellery, Workshops are all some of the tools to begin with. We aim to build a community and help each other grow by learning, sharing ideas & stories and inspire each other continually. We wish to rediscover together our life’s deeper meaning and we believe Avaesa can be an instrument to realise your highest quality of life, which you owe it to yourself. In the private kingdom of our hearts, we all are eager to enjoy this sweet little ride called – ‘life’, learn, grow, fail and rise again all while having fun! So let’s get started! We'd be privileged to make this journey with you!


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