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Programming Crystals

Programming a crystal involves putting your intentions out into the Universe and communicating with the crystal so that it can effectively work with you. Right from tumbled stones, spheres, clusters to polished stones, every crystal can be programmed. Metaphysically, programming means storing or implanting an energy pattern in a crystal, which can take the form of an intent, thought or vibration. Crystals have an inherent intelligence and like a computer, it can be programmed easily to assist you in a particular area of your life. Whether you desire discipline, harmony, protection, healing, abundance or success – the possibilities are endless with crystals. A crystal can be programmed to direct its energy for a specific outcome and can later be reprogrammed differently.

Step 1 – First, cleanse the crystal of its previously stored or residual energies.
Step 2 - Hold the crystal while freeing your mind of unnecessary thoughts and decide the purpose of your crystal clearly.
Step 3 – Say a prayer or affirmation, and state your intention aloud for whichever purpose you would like the crystal to help you with. Be precise and clear on what you want.
Step 4 - Keep repeating it until you intuitively feel the vibrations have been absorbed in by the crystal fully.
Step 5 – Finally, express gratitude to the crystal.

Crystals teach us how a clear and focused intention can positively magnify any area of our lives. Wear or carry a programmed crystal to maximize its benefits. You can also meditate or spend time with it daily (for at least 15 to 20 minutes), to establish a relationship. However, Programming is not a compulsion, as the crystal’s innate qualities and unique energy frequencies, will help you in the areas that need assistance.

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