About Avaesa

Avaesa is a one-stop store in Chennai for all your metaphysical needs. We offer merchandise that includes raw crystals, sacred geometry goods and jewellery, crystal jewellery and gem elixirs, to name a few. Quality is of paramount importance to us, and we handpick our merchandise from various trusted vendors across the globe. Apart from this, Avaesa is a community-in-making, conducting workshops on meditation, healing modalities, Tarot reading and self-empowerment, among others.

Avaesa is of interest to all of us - the curious seeker, the healer, an art lover, the beauty admirer and just about anyone.

Our Vision!

We think it’s a great time in the world where people are waking up to realize that there is indeed ‘more’ to their lives. We sense an increasing urge in people collectively to break out of old and unsupportive mind patterns. We truly believe that now more than ever, people are interested in raising their consciousness beyond the normal existence and seek wholesome lives.

We believe if we strip off labels, status and position – we are all essentially one and looking for the same things. As a community, we wish to rediscover together the deeper meaning of life and embark on a path to boundless inner happiness and fulfilment.

For us, Avaesa isn’t just a business. We operate from a deeper place in our hearts to connect with amazing souls like you. We wish to bring to everyone various experts, teachers and other guiding influences to nourish minds, bodies and most importantly our souls.

Our Story!

Avaesa took shape with a need for a dedicated space for holistic living and spiritual growth. A space where you pause, reflect, question, learn, heal and awaken your transformative powers. Like- minded groups strengthen our beliefs and support system. Research have proven over and over again that all the answers of life come to us if we turn ‘inward’, and hence ‘Avaesa’ was ideated to make an environment conducive for it.

At Avaesa, we don’t make tall claims that we change lives; we merely provide tools to help enrich lives. Everything in life boils down to one’s faith, belief and acceptance. We wish to be a space that offers resources, inspiration and be your soul companion for an inward journey. We believe, spirituality simply put is ‘awakening of consciousness’. With awakened consciousness we heal and cure ourselves from a deeper place of understanding and connectivity. We know that this process is a lifetime journey, and we hope that you make Avaesa a part of your spiritual odyssey.

Our Intent!

We intend to make a positive dent in the universe to sprinkle a dash of happiness over everyone’s lives! We believe Avaesa can be an instrument as you realize your highest quality of life, which you owe to yourself. We wish to be an empowering, nurturing space where people find tools to connect to their true inner selves. Meditation, crystals, gem jewellery and workshops are some of the tools we offer. We aim to build a community and help each other grow by learning, sharing ideas & stories and inspire each other continually. We actively seek inspiration and are open to collaborate with anyone who is in sync with our vision.

We’d love for you to drop by at our beautiful store, have a cup of herbal tea and stir your imagination. In the private kingdom of our hearts, we all are eager to enjoy this sweet little ride called – ‘life’, learn, grow, fail and rise again all while having fun! So let’s get started!

We'd be privileged to embark on this journey with you!

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