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Why Crystals?

Crystals are an enchanting part of nature, having a consciousness of their own. They are considered living beings belonging to the magnificent elemental kingdom. Science proves that nothing is static – everything vibrates and the vibration affects energy fields. Crystals, too, carry a unique vibrational frequency that affects the energy field of a person or an environment. Working with these energy packed, high-frequency vibrational rocks helps you to uplift your own vibration and works with you on all levels – physical, emotional and spiritual. They can guard and protect you, your family and your home from negativity and also help to cleanse your aura. The crystals that are associated with the chakras help towards healing, opening and balancing the respective chakras, thus enhancing the energy healing sessions. And needless to say, meditating with crystals makes it a truly enchanting experience. These celestial rocks, unearthed in its raw crystal form, add a touch of heaven to your home and your lives.

Who can use Crystals?

Absolutely Everybody! We all need a little boost in our life to carry on with our daily chores or to work towards conquering our dreams. Be it career or spiritual growth – crystals offer that personal push we all need occasionally. They can help boost your self-confidence, keep you protected from negative energies (including EMFs), relieve depression, heal emotional wounds, help to let go, assist in spiritual work and even lift your mood with its subtle energies when you dedicatedly work with them.

Choosing Crystals!

If you have a specific purpose or desire, you could choose a crystal from a place of knowledge after research or consultation. However, choosing a crystal has more often been guided by intuition. You could let your intuition choose which crystal is best for you.

While taking a tour of our crystal store, you can pass your hand over all the crystals, touch and engage with them to feel their energy. Sometimes, while holding a crystal, you might feel a slight tingling sensation or even get goose bumps, which most likely means, it is a vibrational match to your purpose. However, if you don’t feel anything, just go with your intuition as most crystals have a very subtle energy and you might not sense them right away. If you are confused or overwhelmed just close your eyes and look at them again. We suggest don’t overthink or reason too much if a crystal ‘calls’ out to you. The crystal, which really captivates your attention and resonates with you, is often ‘the one’ that is meant for you – even if it may not be conventionally aesthetic in appeal.

Please don’t burden yourself to always know the exact properties of every crystal because crystals are said to choose its guardians. They only come to you when you are ready. If you are drawn towards any of them, then they have chosen to work with you for your highest good. Greet your crystal with an open heart to really make them your companion.

Crystals as Gifts

Sometimes we might feel compelled to pick up a certain crystal for a loved one, as we become the bridge connecting a Crystal to its guardian. Crystals are often considered as symbols of love, friendship, courage, strength and beauty. They make for a memorable gifting experience because they are exceptional beings that serve to bring out the best in anyone for their highest good. When you feel the need to gift a crystal to someone, go for it. It might be the best thing you did for them. Any occasion or moment can be made special with this beautiful gift of life.

Crystal Care

Most crystals are delicate and could be easily scratched or damaged.

We suggest wrapping them neatly in a silk, net, cotton, jute or velvet bag/scarf when not in use. We suggest you store each crystal separately (except the stronger tumbled stones) to avoid any damage.

** Since crystals are minerals, few of them may contain toxic minerals like aluminium, sulphur, asbestos, etc., while the majority of them that belong to Quartz family are considered safe. We suggest that you research about the crystals before using them on your skin or for any crystal infused elixir preparations. It is always advisable to wash your hands after handling the raw forms of crystals and gemstones.

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