What are crystals?
Crystals are an enchanting part of nature, having a consciousness of their own. They are considered living beings belonging to the magnificent elemental kingdom. Crystals are the bearers of light frequencies from higher dimensions, and carry those frequencies to our physical realm in their crystalline formations. They are programmable and serve as record keepers of information. Working or meditating with these energy power houses helps clear our energy blockages, raise our awareness and align us to ALL THAT IS.

What is metaphysics?
Metaphysics is the study of the universal laws that apply to realities that extend beyond this dimension. In simple terms, it is a combination of science and un-conventional phenomenon that unravels the mystical side of everything that exists. Metaphysical tools like crystals and sacred geometry establish a link between the physical realm and the universal consciousness by enhancing our vibrations and elevating our awareness, thus helping to co-creating a better reality.

What do you mean by affirmation?
An affirmation is a positive intention in the form of words. When repeated consciously, it helps you reprogram old beliefs that no longer serve you, with a new self-script that enables you to manifest your desired goal.

Why would one use crystal jewellery?
Crystal jewellery is a great way of having mystical crystals come in contact with us directly. Crystal jewellery helps us tune into crystal vibrations and hold that energy in us, especially if worn over a period of time. Moreover, when they are combined with sacred designs, the vibration of the patterns and crystals work in unison to calibrate, enhance and balance our energy frequencies.

What is Kundalini, where is it located and what are its effects?
Kundalini, also known as the primal energy or serpent energy lies coiled at the base of the spine. When aroused, it can either lead to inner awakening or distress, depending upon the person’s state of being. The awakened kundalini energy flows upwards towards the crown chakra through the spine channel called sushumna, activating all the chakras as it flows through them, stimulating the pineal gland for insight, intuition and psychic abilities. Yoga and meditation are two prominent ways to stimulate the kundalini energy, but even trauma has triggered the awakening of kundalini in some cases. When the aroused kundalini energy causes distress, it is called kundalini syndrome.

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