Aroma Therapy

Who doesn’t love aroma? From flowers to perfumes, smell is given much importance because it arouses the other senses in the body. A smell can turn a person on or off. When we smell our favorite food, our mind conceives the previous experiences we have had enjoying the meal, and that triggers the change in mood and our taste buds start to crave for the same delightful experience again. Aromatherapy follows the same principle of influencing the senses. The invigorating smell of essential oils, diffusers, incenses, vibrational sprays, candles, bath salts, etc., arouses the senses in our body, helping to elevate our mood and relax our mind. A pleasant smell can invite positive vibrations as well.

Aromatherapy influences greatly in balancing the chakras and is used as a part of alternative healing practice in the form of vibrational sprays, essential oil blends, massage therapies, etc. Aromatherapy assists in meditation practices as it opens up the mind to a state of bliss. The therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy extends to not only cleansing the body and environment, but also in bringing positive energy, healing energy imbalances, relieving stress, anxiety and headaches, promoting peaceful sleep and much more.

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