Colour Therapy

From the paint we choose to colour our home to the clothes we wear every day, colours form an integral part of our life. They reflect our mood and have the ability to influence our state of mind. The colours we choose to dress in each day can reveal how we feel that day. Similarly, art is an expression of self. It is a form of meditation that helps the mind to focus and live in the present. It is also a way to rediscover oneself. As a therapy, painting can help us bring out the hidden emotions or blocks as we connect with our inner self. In recent years, colouring books have gained popularity among adults, helping not only to relax and de-stress but also to build confidence, concentration, creativity and to stimulate the right brain.

Colours have been used in different healing modalities to help unblock and balance emotions, and to bring harmony between the mind, body and spirit. Everything is energy including us, and energy is made of electromagnetic waves vibrating at different frequencies. Colour therapy, also known as chromotherapy, uses the frequencies of colours to heal a person on the energetic level. Each colour carries a unique vibrational property and can be interpreted as what they mean in relation to how they make us feel. In fact, our emotional and physical state of being is reflected in our aura (energy field) as different colours. Vibrant colours represent harmony and murky colours represent disharmony.

High frequencies of sound waves, about 100 million times higher than our hearing range, transform into light. Light is nothing but an integration of all colours. When light is passed through a prism, it diverges into a spectrum of 7 colours. Humans and animals have 7 main chakras (energy centres) that are associated with 7 different colours of the spectrum - root chakra with red, sacral chakra with orange, solar plexus chakra with yellow, heart chakra with green, throat chakra with blue, third eye chakra with indigo and crown chakra with violet. These palette of colours, including white (which is a combination of all colours) are used in energy healing practices to heal the affected part in the body, and to open, cleanse, realign, balance and invigorate the chakras to their optimal state of health, resulting in overall wellbeing.

Colours are also used in vibrational sprays, Aura-Soma, etc., to combine the healing frequency of the colour with the vibrational effect of its carrier as a part of alternative therapy.

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